Free E-Book: Twelve Ways To Keep The Spark In A Marriage

Twelve Ways To Keep The Spark In A Marriage

When we hit challenging moments in marriage, one common knee-jerk reaction is to wonder, “Did I marry the wrong person?” But typically, the problem is not that we didn’t “find” the right person. Rather; we’re not being the right person. Being the right person means that we’re committed to learning how to love the person we married.

As I travel the globe and connect to people of all ages and backgrounds, I find that more and more people question the validity (and probability) of a life-long marriage. One reason behind this is that so many of us are not clear about how to love someone on a continual basis.

Love is not just a feeling — it’s a verb. As I mentioned in my first book, “I Only Want to Get Married Once”, love is created when we act lovingly. In this e-book, you’ll find 12 habits to practice — practices that generate and cultivate love. These are time-tested tools to ensure that you and your marriage are growing and thriving.

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